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We are Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd We are one of the leading companies in Africa. We are involved in the distribution of crop protection, animal health, consumer products and explosives. Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd is managed and operated by a team of highly qualified and experienced managers overseeing its continued growth. We are currently ISO 9001:2015 certified Our Vision Our Vision is to be the most respected company, market leader and the preferred employer in our chosen businesses. Our Mission Our Mission is to manufacture, distribute and sell high quality chemical, life science and consumer products to meet customers’ requirements. Our Values Customer Orientation Customer orientation means that we understand that our business exists because of the needs of our customers. We shall do our best to understand them and fulfill their current and future needs. Professionalism Professionalism means meeting and exceeding the high standards as per the expectations of the particular discipline in terms of the required code of conduct or practice. Positive Attitude and Initiative A positive attitude means feeling good in every situation and identifying the opportunity. One should then take the initiative to exploit the opportunity identified. Integrity / Trust Integrity means being honest, consistent, truthful and dependable. By practicing integrity one becomes trusted. Teamwork Teamwork means that employee groups work together to accomplish agreed company goals and objectives.
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Trichotech – 20 Grams

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It is a selective herbicidal formulation designed to control a wide range of weed species commonly found in agricultural fields, orchards, vineyards, and other cultivated areas. Its specialized formula targets weeds at their roots, effectively inhibiting growth and preventing further spread, thus safeguarding crop yields and promoting healthier plant growth.


  • Trichotech offers selective weed control, meaning it targets specific weed species while sparing desirable plants. This selective action helps minimize damage to crops and reduces the risk of collateral harm to beneficial vegetation.
  • Despite its selective nature, it boasts broad-spectrum efficacy, effectively targeting a wide range of common weed species, including broadleaf weeds, grasses, and sedges.
  • It features a systemic mode of action, allowing it to be absorbed by weed foliage and translocated to the roots. This systemic action ensures thorough eradication of weeds from the inside out, preventing regrowth and providing long-lasting control.
  • With its fast-acting formula, it delivers rapid results, with visible effects on targeted weeds typically observed within days of application. This quick action minimizes the time between treatment and crop protection, allowing for more efficient weed management practices.
  • It exhibits excellent rainfastness, meaning it remains effective even after exposure to rainfall shortly after application. This resilience ensures consistent weed control under varying weather conditions, providing growers with greater flexibility in their weed management strategies.


  • Before applying it, carefully read and follow the product label instructions, taking note of recommended application rates, timing, and safety precautions. Ensure proper calibration of equipment for accurate herbicide delivery.
  • Trichotech can be applied using various methods, including foliar spray, ground broadcast, or spot treatment, depending on the specific weed species and crop type. Choose the most appropriate application method based on factors such as weed density, crop canopy, and equipment availability.
  • Timing of application is crucial for optimal weed control efficacy. Apply Trichotech when weeds are actively growing and at susceptible growth stages, typically during the early stages of weed development or before weed competition becomes significant.
  • Achieve thorough coverage of weed foliage with Trichotech to ensure maximum absorption and translocation of the active ingredients. Use appropriate spray nozzles and pressure settings to achieve uniform spray distribution and minimize drift.
  • After application, monitor treated areas regularly to assess weed control efficacy and identify any signs of weed regrowth or crop injury. Follow up with additional treatments as needed to maintain effective weed suppression throughout the growing season.


  • Store it in a secure location dedicated to pesticide storage, away from children, pets, livestock, food, and feed storage areas. Use lockable cabinets or storage facilities to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Store it in a cool, dry environment to maintain its stability and efficacy. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, and moisture, as these factors can degrade the product and reduce its effectiveness.
  • Keep it in its original, tightly sealed container to prevent spills, leaks, and contamination. Avoid transferring the herbicide to other containers unless necessary, and ensure proper labeling of all storage containers to prevent confusion and accidental misuse.



Protein 15g 23% 30g 30g
Vitamin D 0mcg 23% 0mcg 0mcg
Calcium 320mg 23% 320mg 320mg
Iron 1.6mg 23% 1.6mg 1.6mg
Potassium 510mg 23% 510mg 510mg
Calories 280 23% 280 280
Total Fat 9g 12% 9g 9g
Saturated Fat 4.5g 37% 4.5g 4.5g
Trans Fat 0g 12% 0g 0g
Cholesterol 35mg 14% 35mg 35mg

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